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Mom and Dad,

Congratulations today, as you celebrate being in business for 25 years! This is such an honor & a milestone that we are proud to celebrate with you, as we remember the courage you had & the risks you took 25 years ago to turn this little idea into bigger ideas, & eventually a dream into reality.

This is not meant to be a long sappy post, so we we’ll chalk the success of this grand adventure you have been on for 25 years to your “grit” – a combination of your work ethic, desire, commitment, compassion, & so many other positive attributes that define you; as individuals, as a couple, as well as your business. Your leadership is second to none. You have taken pride in this business & have grown leaps & bounds one success after another due to your consistent quality of work & respectable customer service. Through the years, you have supported your community, along with providing so many with opportunities & stability through employment. We could go on & on, but we are just so very grateful for your genuine personalities & generous hearts that have grown this company bigger than we ever thought possible.

To two parents who have always & still continue to do it all, who never gave up on their goals or each other, who always remembered importance of family through the most hectic of days, who always made our house a home & who weren’t afraid to take risks & turn them into reality….we’re so grateful for the example you have set.

Wishing Keith Smith Concrete many more years of happiness & success as we stand by your side! Words cannot express the gratitude & pride we have every day, calling you our parents! We love you!


Your biggest fans:
Benjamin & Abigail
Jessica, Savannah, McKenna, & Mila
Stuart, Lexie, Lilah, & Colson