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September 11 is a day that is remembered in many ways, but less than 3 miles from our shop is an event that takes place every year which we are honored to be a part of. The Exchange Club of Hanover hosts the 9/11 Healing Field Memorial where you can walk through a display of American flags, each representing a life that was lost. This year was the 20th Anniversary of this day in history, and they did a wonderful job honoring this occasion.

Each year, our company is honored to be a sponsor for this event and to donate light plants so the community can enjoy this display even after the sun has set. There are many different companies throughout our community that play a big role in all the work that goes into making this such a success; from set up, to monitoring the fields, right down to the clean up on the last day.

The Exchange Club has ceremonies which you can attend, or you can take a moment to walk through the field on your own. This event runs for a week (Friday – Friday) to give everyone a chance to make it out to visit. If this is something you have never experienced or maybe you have younger children who may be just learning of these events, this is such a great opportunity to visit, reflect and visually explain the tragic events of this day in history.