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Keith D. Smith Concrete started a new project this week, Freightliner in New Stanton, PA. Below are some pictures from this week’s work. KDS would like to thank all of our hard working employees for everything they do!

Currently Keith D. Smith Concrete is completing a 400,000 sqft warehouse at the Lehigh Crossing project in Allentown, PA. Here the Allentown crew is placing and finishing a large floor slab early this morning.

Keith D. Smith Concrete has been putting in early and long hours at the Lehigh Valley Crossing Building 1 project this week. Here is a picture from our 900 yard concrete warehouse floor pour. We continue to show great progress! Keep checking in for more projects that KDS is doing now!

Keith D. Smith Concrete does indoor and outdoor commercial work. In this picture our employees were prepping concrete floors at the Chewy Warehouse project in New Kingston, PA. Our employees have been working very hard to get to this point in the project. Keep up the great work!

Keith D. Smith Concrete Contractor, Inc. would like to wish everyone a safe and happy independence day!

Despite the dreary weather today Keith D. Smith Concrete was saw cutting concrete sidewalks at the Martin’s Pastry project in Chambersburg, PA. We will work in many different weather conditions to make sure our job is completed and done correctly!

Keith D. Smith Concrete would like to thank all of our employees who worked late Sunday night to complete the first conrete floor pour at the Lehigh Crossing project. Your dedication is very much appreciated!

Keith D. Smith Concrete does work at many different types of locations including schools. Our employees were placing and finishing a concrete courtyard at Middletown High School in Middletown, PA.

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