Pervious Concrete

Pervious concrete can be used for various applications commercially, from car parking to large parking lots, and as small as dumpster pads. The purpose of pervious concrete is to allow rain water to drain through the concrete, rather than flow off of it as runoff. It is primarily used as follows:

  • In areas where impervious land restrictions may be present
  • For builders to reduce or eliminate retaining basins
  • In areas very close to water level where runoff is a problem

It is imperative that only a knowledgeable crew with pervious concrete certifications be permitted to do this type of work. The material can be difficult to work with, and if not placed properly, it may fail. We have five certified pervious concrete technicians who thoroughly understand the material and how to install it properly.

Pervious concrete will attain strengths very close to regular concrete and will be just as durable.

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